Standing Family Reunion
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Group Photos

Below are some earlier family group photographs and from earlier reunions.   They are placed here so we aging folks we can collectively identify everyone before our memories fade entirely!

I imagine there other early group photographs around as well.   Some seem to come in pairs because of photographers trading places.   Some of the photos below are from photocopies, or are in bad shape.   If you have good originals and bring them to the reunion, we will make high-resolution digital images of them in the name of posterity.

Perhaps we will be able to get group pictures and names for all the reunion groups. Names will not be included on this site for groups since 1950, but for recent reunions names are sometimes included in the George and Deborah Standing Descendants Group on Facebook.

  Elwood Peacock Family about 1895  

  Photograph, 1900 Standing Reunion   (Includes names.)

  Photograph, 1900 Paulina Friends School   (Includes names.)

  Photograph, 1908 Standing Reunion (Includes names.)

  1908 Reunion, George Standing and grand and great grandchildren

  Photograph, 1911?? Standing Reunion

  Joseph Henderson Family about 1909   (Can you help identify?)

  Asenath Henderson and Gilbert Standing's Wedding, 25 May 1911

  Asenath Henderson and Gilbert Standing's Wedding, 25 May 1911 Same as above, different take.

  Joseph Henderson Family about 1912   (Can you help identify?)

  Henry Standing Family -- 1926 family gathering (Can you help identify Henry's grandchildren?)

  Two Photographs, Standing Reunion about 1932 or 1933

  1932 numbered enlarged composite of above   (Can you help identify folks in this pair?)

  1938 Standing Reunion   Includes a numbered divided photo, need some more names.

  Florence Standing and Carrol Guindon's Wedding, 1939

  Standing Reunion 1946

  1946 numbered enlargement of above   (Can you help identify?)

  Standing Reunion 2004  

  Henderson Reunion 2007  

  Standing Reunion 2008  

  Henderson Reunion 2009  

  Standing Reunion 2010  

  Standing Reunion 2012  

  Standing Reunion 2014  

5 Jan 2016