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  Bear Creek, 'Standing's corner', English ancestors, George and Deborah

   Reunion Newsletter 2004 - current

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 Goodies and collectables
A nice Standing Family 1900 photograph with names was printed for the 1970 reunion I believe and copies would likely be available. Also in the past George and Deborah have appeared in coffee mugs and more; in 2004 they adorned tshirts.

  Standing Family Tshirt 2004  ("Still Standing after all these years")

  Standing Family 'Tea'shirt 2008  ("A Standing Ovation to Tea")

  Standing Family Tshirt 2010  ("Standing Strong because our roots run Deep")


Many of these items are reproduced in "pdf" format; please use your browser's 'back' command to return this page.   If you have trouble with these files, please consult the Reunion Newsletter link above.

 Highlights from the 2004 reunion

 Highlights from the 2006 reunion

 Highlights from the 2008 reunion

 Highlights from the 2010 reunion

 Highlights from the 2012 reunion

  To an Earlham Echo newspaper article (pdf, 437kb) about the 1970 reunion.

  To a second article (pdf) after the 1970 event.

  To an Earlham Echo newspaper article (pdf) about the 1985 Reunion written by Reva Griffith.

  To A Brief History (pdf) George and Deborah Standing, 1970, by the family.

  Ancestors of George and Deborah Standing, (pdf) (Chart by Martha Standing Foster).

  Descendants of George and Deborah Standing, (pdf) 1985, by the family.
Note: To a fairly good extent the above file can be searched by name via the search option on your Adobe Acrobat reader. We have published a rather old and minimal version out of privacy concerns.
Current Information:   If you have some relationship to the Standing family and would like a up-to-date information please contact Larry or Paullete Standing (please see Contacts). Larry will supply information he has compiled on Family Tree Maker and always appreciates new information.

Other Documents:

George Standing, lived in Leigh, Lancaster and other towns in the English midlands before he immigrated to the United States in 1870. He wrote about a few "few incidents of my early English life" (from the Nicholson/Standing Artists website; opens a new frame).

George and Debora's eldest son, Henry wrote about "Some Adventures of George Standing & Deborah, his Wife & Six Sons Coming from England & Taking up Farming in Iowa" (from the Nicholson/Standing Artists website; opens a new frame).

Henry Standing's map of Leigh, England from his biography.

Standing Acting Dynasty:   Richard Standing (descended from George's half-brother Joseph, please see Contacts) has compiled a list of IMDB (The Internet Movie Database) links to the Standing acting dynasty - all descended from George's uncle James.     There is more and as Richard finds new connections he posts them on the George and Deborah Standing Descendants Facebook Group.
The first actor was James's son, Francis Standing ("Frank Celli"), who died in 1904 while cinema was still in its infancy.   Frank's son Gordon Standing (18871927) made it to Hollywood, and was killed by a lion during the making of the film "King of the Jungle" at Selig Zoo.   Gordon's sister, Dorothy Faith Standing ("Faith Celli") (1888-1942) made one film.

James's second son was (James) Herbert Standing (1846-1923).   Herbert's eldest son was Sir Guy Standing (1873-1937) who was knighted, not for his acting, but for service in the Royal Naval Volunteer reserve in WW1. He died of a rattlesnake bite, and Cary Grant was one of the last people to see him alive.   Sir Guy had three children with his wife Dorothy Hammond:
  1. Guy Standing Jr. (1904-1954) who was the father of Guy Standing III (no information other than on a
    Perry Mason episode in 1963).
  2. Dorothy Katherine Hammond ("Kay Hammond") (1909-1980) whose son, Sir John Standing (1934-) Richard had the pleasure of meeting at a theatre in London.
    1. Here (from BBC) is a video clip (which you may or may not be able to watch first time at least, reload page, usually works) from Sir John Standing (tribute to Peter O'Toole).
  3. Michael Standing, who was one of the first BBC cricket commentators and went on to be head of Light Entertainment, responsible for classic series like The Goon Show and Hancock's Half Hour.
Herbert's other sons were Herbert Standing Junior (one movie 1921); Jack Standing (1886-1917); Percy Standing (18821950); and Wyndham Standing (1880-1963) who, Richard gathers from the title list, was a close friend of a particular director who used to keep giving him small walk-on parts with one-word lines!

Herbert's brother William Standing sang under the stage name "William Carleton". His son, W.P. Carleton (18721947) made a career of touring the US with the opera "The Bohemian Girl" from the late 1800s onwards, ultimately being cast as the Count in the 1936 film of the opera, starring Laurel and Hardy!

There was another actor called Michael Standing, who appeared in the 1969 crime caper, "The Italian Job", but so far no family connection has been found.

6 Jan 2014