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STANDING CONTACTS:    Contacting the Standing Family Reunion

  Standing Family Genealogy Forum (English, via

((Please Note: the Nicholson/Standing Artists below is currently being relocated and most of the links do not work, please stay tuned.))

 NICHOLSON/STANDING Artists:  Ruth Alliband and Michele Plagman are collecting under one "virtual roof" the artwork of the extended Nicholson/Standing family.   There is a whole lot out there folks, the extended family is a creative bunch.   Take a look and consider sending materials. Please email Michele Plagman at     or Ruth Alliband at Check the site out now and then, it evolves.

Please click here for a 'beta' test of an interactive genealogical chart index to the Nicholson/Standing Art site.

FOX:  Joseph Fox Family, a letter by the late Herbert Standing;
For more on the Fox Family try
Yates/Fox Data).

PEACOCK:  Some may interested in the following publication.   James F. Peacock (70 Joye Court, Layafette, IN 47905-8860) has compiled Descendents of Abraham Peacock... which includes an update on the desendants of Eunice Peacock and Henry Standing (in John Joy and Ruth Cox Peacock section). This section includes a descendent chart, some narrative, and some pictures of individuals. I believe the cost of the book (315 pages, indexed) is around $20.00.

  Peacock Family Association of the South

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George and Deborah Standing Descendants Group

Note: If you have not yet joined the George and Deborah Standing Descendants Group, most find it easier to log onto Facebook ( first and then return to the above link.

UPDATING THE FAMILY TREE:  One of our projects, of course, will be to update Standing descendants information.  Some of you may have the following books.   First, one by Bernard Thistlethwaite The Bax Family, an account of the early Quaker Baxes of Capel and Ockley in the county of Surrey, with particulars of some of their descendants.. (London, Headley Brothers, 1936).   This book has a good amount of narrative, English homestead photographs, and family line information regarding our earlier relatives.   However more of you may have an updated and useful supplement for Bax family information compiled by Patricia K. King, Bax Descendants: pedigree eleven (Orem, Utah, 1990) which provides 800 pages of updates!  If you have a copy, take a look to see if you might be able to add updated information.  I am sure these books will be on display at the reunion, but in the meantime think about 'post-the-last-time' you supplied information - - in particular for you and yours (oooops! - - for thee and thine).

Most people with connections to the 'Standing' sirname in the United States are descendants, or have some historical connection, to George and Deborah Fox Standing, who came to this country in 1870. Please consult the Archives section for more information about Standing descendants in the United States.

Some of the Standing Family Reunion Newsletters have a genealogy form. If you have misplaced the form or would prefer working with a 'live' file, here are forms you may be able to download, and then send to Larry and Paulette (on form). The first format is a 'MS Word' document and the second is in 'rich text format' which may work if the first one does not. The third format is an Adobe 'pdf' document should work with any computer and is good for printing.

30 Dec 2011