Standing Family Reunion
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Standing Reunion 1899/1900

This is from a pretty good photocopy supplied by Joyce Osborn. This reunion photo taken in front (southside) of the original homestead. The photos below are numbered enlargements. Thanks Joyce!

(PS - I recently ran across an original Martha had from Miriam; reproduced on the Family 1900 page. This is a sharper image and has a few more details on the names.

  1      Edith Standing (Peckham)

  2      Charlie Standing

  3      Henry Standing

  4      Alfred Standing

  5      George Edwin Standing

  6      Sarah Nicholson Standing

  7      Louisa Nicholson

  8      Josiah Standing

  9      Bertha Standing

10      Mary Alice Nicholson Standing

11      Bernard Standing

12      Ellen Standing

13      Eunice Peacock Standing

14      Deborah Fox Standing

15      George Standing

16      Wilfred Standing

17      Arthur Standing

18      Rebeccah Nicholson

19      Alice Standing (Deutsch)

20      Alfred Augustine Nicholson

21      Ethel Standing

22      Francis Nicholson Standing
          (holding a baby girl, Augusta, who died soon after)

23      Alfred Standing

24      Ernest Gilbert Standing

25      Jesse Fox Standing

26      Charles Standing

At the 2004 reunion we ran across a nice reproduction with names (left out Alfred's name, reproduced below).

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9 October 2004