Standing Family Reunion
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Photograph taken approximately in 1895.

(1) John Wiley Peacock (1846-1927), married Mary Ann Welty.

(2) Ida (Idelphia) Ann Peacock (1869-1947), married George Washington Lambert.

(3) Jesse Peacock (1843-1900), married Amanda Jane Jones.

(4) Martha (Mattie) W. Peacock (1857-?), married Elwood Coppock.

(5) Benjamin Calvin Peacock (1848-1906), married Catherine Elizabeth Downing.

(6) Eunice Peacock (1864-1913), married Henry Standing (Henry Branch).

(7) Elwood Cox Peacock (1823-1897), his parents were John Joy Peacock and Ruth Cox, married Naomi Jones.

(8) Naomi Jones Pecock (1827-1901), her parents were John Jones and Sarah Tucker, married Elwood Cox Peacock.

(9) Enos M. Peacock (1852-1924), married Mary Jane Haworth.

(10) Abraham (Abe) Leo Peacock (1854-1927), married Grace Rittgers, and later Louvina Elvira Ford.

(11) Rosa Peacock (1873-1903), Rosa had spina bifita.

(12) Emma Peacock (1866-?), married Nathan Thorn, later Thomas Pickett.

(Not pictured) Mary Coates Peacock (1859-?), married William R. Hill in 1870.

(Not pictured) Ruth Ann Peacock (1859-1889), married Joseph Nelson.

(Not pictured) Sarah Peacock (1865-?)

(Not pictured) Ella Peacock (1866-1869), twin to Emma.

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