Standing Family Reunion
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(List of names below picture)

Here are Helen Spriegel's and Lew Pollard's choices on the names. Lew places the date of the photograph as about 1912 making the ages of Emma 20, Sidney 17, Henry 15, Herman 7, and Agnes 4.

1      Henry Henderson

2      Sidney Henderson

3      Emma Henderson

4      Alfred Henderson

5      Mary Battey Henderson Maxwell (Stepmother)

6      Herman Henderson

7      Agnes (adopted)

8      Joseph Henderson

This picture is taken from a glass slide of Gilbert Standing's now in the possession of Laurence and Eleanore Hutzell. At the 2010 reunion we captured images from a group of glass slides that are rapidly deteriorating. These images have been enhanced, but some of you may have better preserved prints earlier taken from these slides.

If anyone has more information about these folks (names, dates, location, biograhy, etc.) please let me know -- Ted Standing Foster (7919 N. Coolville Ridge Rd., Athens OH 45701) ( If you have other photos, news, names for photos I will be happy to hear from you.

High quality digital files of these images, others, and some video, will be available at the 2012 Standing Reunion, bring your memory cards.

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3 Jan 2012