Standing Family Reunion
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Asenath and Gilbert's Wedding, 25 May 1911 (please see below)

You may need to scroll quite a bit on this photo. Beyond Standings, this picture includes a number of
Hendersons and other friends (small f) attending the wedding.
Gilbert and Asenath in the center, and Asenath's father beside her.

Herbert Standing sent in the following comments:
"This picture was probably taken in the vicinity of the Friends Meetinghouse at Mapleside
near Paullina, Iowa, and the attenders of the wedding were mostly from that community.
The old man on the left in the front row with the tousled white hair is probably
Archibald Crosbie, a respected Friends minister and a friend of Uncle Henry Standing.
Uncle Henry is probably the man with the beard sitting next to Gilbert and Asenath. The
lady sitting just back of Uncle Henry is Anna (Meltvedt) Henderson, mother of Lydia
Henderson, who was to marry Arthur Standing. I believe that my grandmother, Mary Alice
(Nicholson) Standing, is sitting at the right end of the second row. Probably her youngest
daughter, Eva (Standing) Plagman, is in her lap. The best-man standing behind
Gilbert Standing appears to be Charles H. Standing, brother of Gilbert. The bridesmaid
standing behind Asenath is probably Emma Henderson, Asenath's sister. Charles H. and
Emma were later married."

This photo had a considerable number of large white spots and has been electronically retouched
- - e. g. borrowing an ear from Uncle Ernst, nose from sister Ann, etc.
Blurred faces, especially the children are the result of wiggling, not damage.

Does anyone have a clear print?
In the other picture the darker portions (top right) have been enhanced in an attempt to see faces.

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