Standing Family Reunion
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The Standing Family Reunion, June 16-18, 2006

This section will evolve as things come in. Needless to say we had a good bunch of people and a great time and some marriage vows to boot! There will be more news later.

Page 1 of 3 -- there are three pages of photos. First, below are some group photos provided by Larry Standing and Tim Johnson. Following that are two pages of miscellaneous photos.

Group Photos: It would be nice to have names for all those pictured. If someone wants to take on this task for thier particular group photo, please send the names to me (Ted Standing Foster, and I will mark a reference photo for the archives. Future generations might appreciate our efforts.

Because of privacy concerns we do not include names with contemporary group photos on the Internet; you will have to come to a reunion.

These pictures are reduced for display here but still ought to make decent prints. If any these do not seem suitable for printing please contact the source of the photo for a better file or print.

Additional photos, video, memories are welcome.

Alfred Branch (photo Tim Johnson)

Charles Branch (photo Tim Johnson)

NOTE: This year no one was present to represent the George Edwin Branch.

Henry Branch (photo Larry Standing)

The whole group, except for photographers, who were on a step ladder in the middle of the road to get this one!! (photo Tim Johnson).

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