Standing Family Reunion
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Descendants of George and Deborah (Fox) Standing

George Standing was born in Battersea, England, 28 May 1830. In 1855 George and Deborah Fox were married. Deborah was born in Dewsbury, England, 23 August 1832. Both families had been Quakers for generations. In February 1870 the family sailed to America on the Idaho. George purchased land north of Earlham Iowa. George and Deborah had six children in England and one in America. Five of the children had issue, Henry, George, Charles, Alfred, and Josiah. Deborah died in 1901 and George in 1912. Every two or three years the descendants of George and Deborah return to the homestead area for a reunion (at the Bear Creek Friends Meeting).

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Calling all descendants and their families. Come and join your fellow Standing descendants for a weekend of fellowship, family history, fun, and food!

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The next reunion will be Friday, June 15th - Sunday, June 17th, 2018, at the Bear Creek meeting house, near Earlham, Iowa.

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George and Deborah Standing Descendants Group

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31 June 2016