Standing Family Reunion
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The Standing Family Reunion, June 22nd thru June 24th, 2012

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Judging from the picture below we had close to 60 folks. We had a great time! A big thanks to organizers Ruth Alliband and the Plagman clan.

Below is some preliminry material. This year I was just in and out -- so more pictures, reports, and stories are certainly welcome. Ted Foster (

Also be sure to check out the George and Deborah Standing Descendants Group
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Past, Present, Future - Over the past few months family was invited to answer questions via the social media or good old fashion letter writing and here is a preliminary compilation (pdf) that was distributed at the reunion -- Past, Present, Future Questionnaire (opens a new page).

Goodies - After the logistics are worked out assorted goodies may be offered for sale to supplement the "Standing Family Reunion" bank account -- video DVDs of this and some recent reunions and Tshirts. Stay tuned.

- - Whole Group - -

The whole bunch!! (photo Cameron Foster)

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It would be nice to record names for all those pictured. If someone wants to take on this task for their particular group photo, please send the names to me (Ted Standing Foster, and I will mark a reference photo for the archives. Future generations might appreciate our efforts. We do not include names with contemporary group photos on the Internet; you will have to come to a reunion.

- - Branches - -

Charles Branch (photo Ted Foster)
(There were no representatives of the George Edwin branch this year.)

Alfred Branch (photo Larry Standing)

Henry Branch (photo Ted Foster)

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